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A New Era Is Dawning

This most original,


bold enterprise

presents numerous





Alternative Virtual HomeWorld


Global Human Entity


National Legal Digital Tender


Digital Fiat Coin Backed

by a National Tank


Global Purchase Group

And More Ideas And Innovations

Whose Time Has Come

Welcome to VilionA



Great New World

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Geography & Climate


Regime & Administration

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Humanity's Future

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please take note

VilionA is NOT a game!

Actualy VilionA is one of the most intriguing

most innovative and ground breaking

endeavours in history. 

VilionA is intended for serious, bright, grown-ups

Seeking better, cleaner, calmer, more rewarding,

Interesting, and fruitful life!


Furthermore, VilionA may prove to be a significant event in the history of mankind, paralleled maybe by the discovery of America or the landing on the moon.


We hope that after reading this site and becoming amiliar with the program,

you will also share our vision.


You are hereby invited aboard Free of any charge.

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Welcome to Viliona, where The future is right now!


Viliona is a virtual world and country. Our new alternative home world. Viliona is the Sister-Planet of Earth, and is situated in the cyberspace‎.


The official name of the state of Viliona is a bit long, but every word counts: ‎‎"Viliona virtual global ‎republic and global human entity."  Yes! Viliona is the - FIRST Global Republic as well as the - FIRST ‎Global Human Entity.‎


Viliona is a Democratic Republic, ruled by a ‎‎parliament of 121 members, and a 15 ministries ‎government.


Though virtual, Viliona is uniquely realistic, practical and very beneficial to our ‎citizens. ‎We have our own ‎virtual legal tender named The VILION. The VILION is NOT a ‎crypto coin. ‎It is the country's legitimate and legal Fiat ‎money.‎ Upon joining us you will receive 5,000,000 Vilions in your own tank account.


To become a citizen of Viliona please go to the Become A Vilionaire page.


Welcome to Viliona‎.

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