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The Legal Tender of VilionA

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You're Witnessing History In The Making

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The International Sign of The VILION Coin

As all sovereign countries, VilionA too has its own Legal Tender


An all-purpose, comprehensive, simple to use, Digital Coin

The only digital currency, which is the legal tender of a country

Backed by the country's Central Tank, the

Tank of VilionA

 Behind The VILION

there is Vision, Ideology,

and a Positive Message to Humanity


VilionA's Total Capital:

784 Trillion Vilion







Apart from their names, almost all cryptocurrencies are identical - the method, the complexity, the risks. The world is flooded by more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies (!) as opposed to merely 200 legal tenders - including the Vilion. The Vilion is NOT a cryptocurrency, and has nothing to do with crypto. The Vilion is, at the same time, both a currency that is innovative and one of a kind, as well as a classic currency of the kind that every country uses. The Vilion is Fiat Money. Fiat money is a type of currency that is declared by a decree from a government to be its legal tender. Fiat Money is the legal tender of each and every country in the world. All the legal tenders, such as the Dollar, the Euro, the Yuan, the Yen, the Pound, the Ruble, etc, are Fiat Money. Fiat currencies are not backed by commodities like gold or silver.


The Vilion, VilionA's Legal Tender, has some important advantages:


1. There is no need to mine it, and it cannot be mined. Each citizen of VilionA

    starts with a hefty welcome grant of Vilions, in a personal tank account at

    the Tank Of VilionA.

2. The use of the Vilion is simple, as with regular money. It is easy and simple

    to do business in Vilions. Vilionaires who so desire will soon be able to get 

    the Vilion Digital Wallet, for even easier handling of their account.


3. Your Vilionare kept in the Tank Of VilionA. There is no way to "lose" it.

    in fact, all citizens have the state's Warranty for their Vilions.

4. The Vilion is a simpler, more efficient, kind of CBDC - Central Bank Digital   

    Currency. A CBDC is a digital form of central bank money that is widely

    available to the general public. So is the Vilion, only we don't define it a       

    CBDC but a CTDC - Central Tank Digital Currency.


Tank Of VilionA is the sole issuer of VilionA's legal tender: the Vilion. It also acts as its sole clearing house. For the time being, there is only one denomination: 1 Vilion. The initial value of 1 Vilion is 0.0005 $US. 1,000 Vilions = US$0.50, and it can process payments. It is easy to figure out what 5,000,000 Vilion will be worth, when our coin will reach even as modest value

as $0.01 (1 cent). The more financial activity with the Vilions that every Vilionaire received for free, the higher and faster its value will increase.


The fees and commissions at the Tank Of VilionA are very low, In comparison to those of banks, and even more so if compared to cryptocurrencies buy/sell costs.

Among the many other goals, we aim to create a vast society of Vilion owners and users. This will moderate the possibility of sharp value fluctuations, yet ensure a reasonable, steady and consistent increase of the Vilion's value - turning each and every single Vilion into a valuable asset.


With the development of the economy of VilionA and transactions in Vilions, the Tank Of VilionA's cybersecurity and protection will be enhanced and tightened. In due course, Tank Of VilionA will appoint a governor and a board of governors. The tank will be supervised by banking experts, accountants and economists.


Any Vilionaire can buy Vilionfrom the Tank Of VilionA. Initially at a rate of U$0,0005 per 1 Vilion.

Non-Vilionaires can purchase Vilions from the Tank Of VilionA. Initially at a rate of U$0.0007 per 1 Vilion. For the time being, All Vilions are to be deposited and kept in a personal or business account at the Tank Of VilionA.


Anyone and any entity can have an account at the Tank Of VilionA, in Vilions.

















Every Vilionaire can establish a business in VilionA for himself at will, provided that it is legal. Every Vilionaire has the right to build, establish, open and conduct any legal business in accordance with VilionA's law, Except for a Casino, which is reserved to the regime of VilionA.


Vilionaires will be able to advertise their businesses on the VilionA business website for free for one year. Non-VilionA businesses can advertise on the VilionA business website designated section for a fee.


It is good to do business and receiving payments in Vilions, which will be deposited at the Tank Of VilionA. The advantage of receiving payment in Villions, compared to regular money, is that the value of the regular money remains quiet fixed, whereas the value of the Villions might increase greatly.


The Vilionaire's personal account will be managed on the mobile or computer by the Vilion-app, such as those of banks, enabling financial activity. All without the need for any brokerage and at minimal commission. The low fees will prove themselves to be fruitful by encouraging the trading of the Vilionand encouraging its various activities - which will further increase its value. The more transactions in Vilions, the greater its value becomes. In the future, it will be enabled to convert Vilioninto dollars and other currencies.


All Vilions are kept and managed in and by the Tank Of VilionA. The one and only way to possess Vilions, as well as proof of possession of Vilions, is having them in an account at the Tank Of VilionA. This will prevent cheating, embezzlement or theft. Vilions can be sold and bought through the Tank Of VilionA at their official rates, at a transaction fee of 0.4%.


VilionA's Total Capital is 487 trillion Vilion. The Ministry of Finance, Economy and Business will prevent the value of the VilionA's total capital from exceeding unreasonable values. In order to prevent its "over-growth", the Tank Of VilionA will "eliminate" a certain amount of Vilionfrom the original capital, respectively, with the increases of the Vilion's value.

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A solid
legal tender
is a basic characteristic of a resilient
this is what the vilion is2.jpg
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רקע סייבר ספייס תחתון3.jpg
income tax free1.png

Income tax

free economy










One of  the main goals and purposes of the VilionA regime, is making life for its citizens as pleasant, amiable, anxiety and hardship free as possible.


One of the means to acheive it is freedom from income tax and most of other taxes and levies that are common in most countries.


This is enabled due to the fact that the regime earns the necessary financing of the state's budget on its own.


VilionA's regime does it by making some industries exclusive or semi-exclusive for the government, to be ran by the ministries of treasury and industry. Among these are: Natural resources, Mines, Casinos, Lottery, the Tank of VilionA, the Vilion Stock Exchange, the seas and rivers ports, VilionA broadcasting service - TV & Radio (non-exclusive), Toll Highways, The University of VilionA (non-exclusive).

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In The Main
Financial Centers
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Not Shady
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Long Term Plans

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Acts For Many Coins

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Dance With The Stars

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Independent Self Regulated  

No External Regulation

ויליון ושעון משולבים1 שקוף.png

A Coin For All Seasons

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Economy Coin
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