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  • What can I do in VilionA?
  • What is the purpose of VilionA?
  • Can my Vilions be bequeathed?
    Yes. In accordance with your will, and in its absence according to the inheritance laws of VilionA.
  • Why is VilionA totally secular?
    Because we maintain that religion is the cause and alibi of most human evil. We are sure that by being secular VilionA will be a better place to live in, than otherwise.
  • Can I move my Vilions to a regular bank account?
  • What can the friendly robots Vilia and Vili do?
  • When can I start doing business in VilionA?
  • Can I be VilionA's ambassador / consul to my country?
    Yes, under provisions: you have to self-study and educate yourself as to how to duely represent a country as a diplomate.
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