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For the time being prices are practically close to nothing. We don't promise anything, but can honestly say that a very modest investment in property in VilionA has a great potential to become a very very rewarding one.


We are not actually selling yet and no money exchanges hands, but we enable to secure an option to acquire units of property. The actual sale will be carried out quiet soon, and Vilionaires who so wish will be able to be able to make the actual purchase and pay for it. The prices are in Vilions** + US$.


Each Vilionaire is entitled to secure for him/her self an option to buy no more than 20 land property units. Each Vilionaire is entitled to secure for him/her self an option to buy no more than 7 units of private island.


The Prices in the following Lists are exclusive for Vilionaires - Citizens of VilionA. Not a Vilionaire? Add 150% to the specified prices.


Regular: Anywhere in VilionA that is not Prime 

                  or Prize location.

Prime:     About 20 Km. from Prize location.

Prize:       Best locations. In the vicinity of the

                  capital city, main cities, cross-

                  continent canals, main ports, main

                  airports, main rivers, lakes, national



Residential:      Self residence, rent, lease

Recreational:   Hotels, Resorts, Sports,

                             Entertainment, Clubs,

                             Amusement Parks

Public benefit: Educational, Medical, Academic,

                             Scientific Research, Museum

 *  A Property Unit =1 Acre = 4,000 m2

** The Vilion is the legal tender of the state of 

     VilionA. Each citizen of VilionA receives upon

     joining WELCOMING GRANTS that include 5

     million Vilion deposited by The VilionA's

     Ministry of Treasury in his or her personal

     TANK OF VILIONA account.


Relevant information: At Mark Zuckerberg's MetaVers units of property are sold for U$ 15,000 each.

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