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You're Witnessing History In The Making

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There's power in big numbers*



There's power in big numbers

Tropical Paradise

The Welcoming grants

And the economic advantages Of being

a Vilionaire

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In order to become a citizen of VilionA Virtual Global Republic, one has  to conform with the principles of the World of VilionA and its vision and Charter.



Please signup by the form HERE and click SUBMIT. Once approved as a VilionA Citizen - namely Vilionaire - you'll be entitled to VilionA's 

Welcoming Grants, as follows:   


1. A printable, frameable, Certificate of Citizenship of VilionA, at the 

    Citizen's Registry of VilionA Ministry of Interior Affairs.



2. A Digital ID Card as a Vilionaire of VilionA. The ID Card is to be 

    presented on your mobile's screen as well as to be printed.


3. A personal page in the Member's Area of the VilionA website.


4. A tank account will be set in your name at the Tank of VilionA, with 

    Vilions in it, as following:


    People who become citizens of VilionA during 2024 will be granted  

    5,000,000 Vilions.


     People who become citizens of VilionA during 2025 will be granted 

    1,000,000  Vilions.


     People who become citizens of VilionA during 2026 will be granted

     200,000 Vilions.

     People who become citizens of VilionA during 2027 will be granted       

        40,000 Vilions.

    Furthermore, after you become a Vilionaire, 2,024 Vilions will be

    deposited regularly in your tank account each month by the VilionA          treasury - until the VilionA Government decides otherwise.


    Please note: The 5,000,000 Vilions are a grant. But besides our aim

    to be generous with each new Vilionaire, there's also a practical 

    purpose, i.e. to drive and motivate financial and commercial     

    activities. These will contribute to the economy,  as well as to the

    value of the Vilion currency.


   Therefore, a Tank of VilionA account in which there will be no

   activity, initiated by the account holder, for a whole year after

   it is launched, will lose the grant, and the Vilions in it will be forfeited

   by the Tank of VilionA.

5. At the VilionA's Property Registry, 2 estates will be registered to you:

    One of 5 acres in an area of your choice in the inland, and one of 1 

    acre at the ocean front. These are yours to build your residence and

    beach house on.

    The detailed map of VilionA will soon be published on the website, and it will be

     possible to choose the locations of the estates. The selection of the location of the

     lots will be carried out in accordance with the time - date, hour, minute - of

     submitting the application to become a Vilionaire. Earlier submission ensures

     early selection.

     *Most of the public and private beaches in Viliona, as well as swimming pools, will be 

     covered at a height of about 20 meters with special transparent plastic sheets designated

     to protect from the impact of the harmful UV rays, and will allow and ensure healthy

     sunbathing without danger.


6. Each Vilionaire who so wishes, will receive, for free, once, suitable

    space as follows. A Vilionaire can choose more than one option:   

    • Land for agriculture in an area designated for it - up to 25 acres.


    • A Building in an area designated for industry - of an area up to 5,000

      square meters.


    • A store or business in an area designated for commerce - of an area

      up to 1000 square meters.


    • An Office in an office building in the designated area - of up to an area

      of 1000 square meters.


    • A structure of the size suitable for establishing entertainment, 

       recreational, leisure, facilities.

    • Space and/or structure of the size suitable for sports activities, such

      as - golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, gymnastics, gym,

      martial arts, etc.  


      All of the above will be properly remote from any place of residence.


7. The right to build, establish, open and conduct any legal business

     in accordance with VilionA's law, Except for a Casino, which is 

     reserved to the founder of VillonA.

8. A printable Certificate of Citizenship of VilionA, for printing, framing

    and presenting.


9. Down the road we will issue a lapel/tie pin of the VilionA Global 

    Republic, for Vilionaires, to be recognized by each other.

10. Be a part of the Largest, Most Mighty, and most influential Purchase 

      Group ever.


Confirmation of all of the above for you, as well as your Certificate of VilionA Citizenship and your digital ID Card will be emailed to the email address recorded upon submitting the
VilionA Citizenship Application
On the Become a Vilionaire page

The minimum legal age
for obtaining Viliona citizenship
and Welcoming Grants 
is 15

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VilionA ID Card
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* The citizens of VilionA will consist a huge and powerful ‎International Purchase Group, for the benefit of all ‎Vilionaires. There's power in big numbers! The ‎Department of Purchase Groups in the Ministry of Treasury, Economy & ‎Business will create special domestic and international deals and benefits for the ‎Vilionaires.‎

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