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You're Witnessing History In The Making

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Build your Dream Residence
and Beach House

VilionA is The Virtual Alternative HomeWorld for people of all nations, races, genders. It is situated in the boundless cyberspace. Vilionairs - the citizens of VilionA - can choose to reside wherever they wish, from the North Pole to the South Pole. The main inhabited part of the VilionA planet is its sole continent, that's situated in the northern hemisphere, and occupies about half of its surface. Also habitable are numerous island in both the North sea and the South ocean.


























VilionA state occupies the entire continent. Its surface area is 124,000,000 square kilometers. Along with these, VilionA has tens of thousands kilometers of beaches, along which there are more than 100,000 small peninsulas and beautiful lagoons of all shades of blue, greenish, quite shallow water, yet deep enough to dock your yacht.

Each Vilionaire is entitled to two residential "Base plots". One inland, of 20,000 square meters, is for the construction of a residential estate. The second one, of 4,000 square meters at an ocean front, of which 40 meters wide waterfront are a private beach.


Based on free space, build your dream residence wherever you choose inland, in a city, in a village, in a commune, in a secluded place - as you wish. Here you'll find some secluded building sights to choose from. Gatherings of Vilionairs, based on their preferences, will be the basis for future cities and provinces.


In his or her estates, every Vilionaire can "build" at wish, including a swimming pool, tennis court, gardens, trees, woodland, etc., as well as set a surrounding geographical outline - mountains, streams, water sources, landscaping, forestry, etc. to his or her liking. The base plots cannot be rented out, or sold. A Vilionaire is entitled to purchase additional land from the state or from others - up to an absolute limit of 100 acres. All land owned by a Villionaire, will be registered to him in VilionA's property Registry. Any land owned by a Villionaire, beyond the 'base plots', can be traded, rented out, or sold. Non-Vilionairs may buy and own land in VilionA, but not reside on it.

Water Supply 

Water for private, public and commercial uses is free. VilionA's abundance of lakes, rivers, streams, springs, wells, supplies plenty of pristine, delicious, genesis water. In the VilionA continent there are 23,410 large rivers, hundreds of thousands of streams brooks, rivulets, creeks, and tributaries. More than 2 million springs, including plenty of hot water and mineral springs. Hundreds of thousands of lakes, and 988 inland seas. The most massive river on the VilionA continent is the Columbus river, which is 4022 kilometers long with a maximum width of 1281 meters and a vast flow volume of about 250,000 cubic meters per second. The second largest river is the Darwin, which is 2,445 Km. long, has a maximum width of 1,502 meters and its water flow volume provides about 190,000 cubic meters of water per second.


The waters of the North Sea and the South Ocean are not polluted, as clean and clear as they were on planet earth many millennia ago, before the "Homo pollutio" era. The sea and ocean, as well as the inland seas, lakes and rivers, are full of fish and marine life.

Power Supply

VilionA is a zero emissions of greenhouse gases society

VilionA is also a zero-carbon energy country

Electricity in VilionA is very cheap, bountiful, and paid for by the citizens in Vilions.  VilionA's main source of electric energy is not yet to be publicly revealed, but by it almost unlimited, clean and cheap electricity is supplied to all vilionaires for any and all energy needs. We shall reveal this source of power in due time.


Hydrogen fuel cell power is a secondary source of clean energy. The two sources of Hydrogen are the waters of the North sea and the South ocean; The other: The vast amounts of plastic waste that we will import from old polluted Earth. All plastics are basically made of Hydrogen and Carbon. VilionA's scientists found out how to turn these enormous piles of plastic waste into an enormous source of hydrogen, thus turning these cursed piles of harmful pollutants into blessings of cheap, clean energy. The only emission of Hydrogen powered engines is clean water! hydrogen energy is a cheap, clean, competitive and viable option to drive a carbon-free power generation.


The entire power grid in VilionA is underground.

Many houses and buildings throughout VilionA are energy self-sufficient by turning their roofs into small power plants, using electricity producing solar photovoltaic roof panels. Building regulations require the installation of solar sheets on each roof.  Transportation in general - land, marine and air is powered by Hydrogen fuel cells. There is no usage of fossil fuels in VilionA. Many buildings are painted very bright white to reduce air-conditioning costs.

The passenger and cargo airplanes at VilionA are wide bodied. Not what is called in Earth's aviation "Wide-body aircraft" with a 6 meter wide fuselage. These planes reach a width of about half a kilometer and a similar length, with 380 meters wide fuselage, and they carry many thousands of passengers on each flight. All the seats on these planes are excellent massage chairs, which, beyond the bodily pleasure and relaxation, also reduce the danger of blood clots in the legs. Another advantage of them is that they take off and land vertically. This saves many thousands of square kilometers of land for airports and long runways. Using such Ultra wide-body airplane aviation saves a lot of energy. These planes are powered by hydrogen fuel that does not produce any pollution, and will fly at twice speed of sound, which, among other things, will save a fortune for the airlines, who will need fewer pilots, and will be able to settle for light refreshments instead of a meal or more. All this also means cheaper  flight prices, and many more benefits.


Hydrogen energy plays a role in almost all sectors of the economy - Industrial, transportation, agricultural, governmental, commercial, residential.

The main building material in VilionA, is bricks capable of storing the heat accumulated by solar panels, to supply electricity during no-sun periods.


the roads are electrically charged by the pressure and movement of vehicles on them, charging in return the electric vehicles. in addition, every 10 km there is a roadside special 10 electricity socket pole serving as a charging station.

Cellular and Wi-Fi Communication 

These are provided to the whole country from one base station, located on the top of the VilionA's highest mountain - Mount Isaac Newton (5521 meters), as well as from two sub-stations / backup stations located on the Mount of Science (3021 meters) and on the Mount of Progress (4887 meters). The station broadcasts micro-communications to 11 relay stations stationed at an altitude of about 100 km above the continent of VillionA. These project it back, scattered to the ground, so that 99,2% of the land is under the cover of cellular communications from the most advanced generation. The relay stations in the nearest space are also used for Wi-Fi, so the entire area of the country is one large Wi-Fi area that provides full Internet communication for all, free and of excellent quality.


Internet of Things (IoT)   

The Internet of Things is widely used in VillionA, and it will expand as IoT develops. The use is mainly for "Smart Homes" and "Smart Cities" and intended to expand to "smart states" and "smart country" as well as to medicine, education, administration, communications, transportation, industry, and even to the realms of culture and leisure.


More in VillionA 

A network of electric, super-fast magnetic monorail trains. 2,785 long runway and 5,010 short runway airports. 1710 deep water seaports of the south ocean, and 484 at the north sea. 17 cross continent canals from south to north for big ships transport.  81,314 public yacht docks.

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The first



Many people like to live in a quiet environment. Quiet neighborhoods are very rare and very sought after.


VilionA will be the first country in history to build Quiet Cities and Quiet Neighborhoods. Everything there will be built with efficient Soundproofing in mind, and sound meters will be installed in every residence and business.


The first Quiet City is PACIFIC. There are for sale in PACIFIC flats in apartment building and in condominiums, as well as private houses.


Noisy habitants can make their neighbors' life very miserable. There are many people who abhor living next to people who love making noise, scream, "convers" loudly in hallways, play loudly their sound making apparatuses. People who don't enter or exit without slamming the door. People who "rearrange" their furniture daily, mainly in the night. People with dogs. People who can't resist honking their car horn when they get home. People who can't resist often renovating their residence, thus turning their neighbors' life into a living hell of noise for long periods of time. And any other uncalled for noise pollution.


Habitants of a quiet city or neighborhood have to commit themselves to the Treaty of Peace and Quiet of Living Together, as well as deposit a very substantial collateral, to ensure that they understand the meaning of Peace and Quiet of living together and are committed to it.


There will be zero tolerance there to noise making, and no breach of this commitment will be forgiven. People who have broken their commitment will be asked to immediately remove themselves from there, or their collateral will be forfeited. If necessary, they will be forcefully removed. There is no malice in this, because such people were explicitly warned against making noise and committed to it without compromise.

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