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VilionA Is A Sovereign Virtual Republic.

This Constitution is the supreme law of the State of VilionA.

No other law or government action can supersede

the provisions of this Constitution.

The Values of our Constitution

Protection for liberty

Four pillars democratic regime structure

Effective government

VilionA - the new and only global human entity

offers to suitable people:

a New, sane society;

an Innovative citizenship;

Considerable financial and economic benefits;

and, yes, even some healthy Escapism.

All utterly for free.

Basic Laws, that are not to be changed!

* Basic Law: The State of VilonA
* Basic law: State of VilonA,s ownership of the VilionA planet and

   everything in it, on it, and above it up to a height of 100,000,000
* Basic Law: The Parliament
* Basic Law: the Government
* Basic Law: Head of state of VilonA
* Basic Law: Free and democratic elections
* Basic La
w: The Political Parties

* Basic Law: The Judiciary
* Basic Law: Types of people who will not be admitted to VilionA.
* Basic Law: Separation between the three authorities
* Basic La
w: prohibition of any religion, and guarantee of complete 

                         freedom from religion


The complete, fully detailed, constitution of the State of VilionA will be written in its entirety as we proceed, by a committee that will consist of a historian, a legal expert, a philosopher, a statesman, and a scholar. It will be made in accordance with the guidelines set henceforth. The constitution of the State of VilionA will bear close resemblance to those of leading democratic countries. One of the main differences will be, the stiffening of legal tools to protect the constitution and the democratic nature of VilionA, and with a great strengthening of protection means against hooligans, evildoers, fraudsters, violent people and such. This shall be achieved by a four pillars democracy structure, instead of three.

Henceforth are some of the Guidlines

that will be reflected in the full constitution

(take notice: Guidelines are just this: Guidelines) 

Every law, legislation, rule and regulation has to be approved by the Head of state. Without such approval, they will have no validity, and they will not be included in the state's book of law. This is in order to prevent any attempt to undermine the democratic nature of VillionA by the legislature.


One of the goals of creating VilionA, is to show that it is possible to be a good, fair, just, non-belligerent society. A society without violence, without crime, without evil, without wars. Yes, it would require the expelling of people who were accepted by fraud, but that would be just, because such people were expressly warned in advance, and should not have tried to attain citizenship of Viliona in the first place.


Extremist, discriminating, religion political parties are not allowed! Whoever initiates the formation of such will be immediately expelled from VilionA.


VilionA's Democracy is a stable, unwavering one, rock-bottomed and copper-sheathed. But history, old and new, teaches us that even in the greatest of democracies there will always be dubious, unreliable, treacherous, disloyal, ill-intentioned people who will try to undermine, destabilize and topple it, aspiring to turn a good country into a wicked, immoral, corrupt dictatorship, headed by an immoral criminal tyrant.

Elections make a fundamental contribution to democratic governance.

The vote threshold in VilionA is 9%. VilionA's parliament will consist of no less than 2 and no more than 11 Political and Social parties.


The main goal and the main duty of a party participating in the elections has to be the wellbeing of the state of VilionA and our citizens. A party whose goal is to promote the interests of a certain group or community, at the expense of the first duty will not be allowed.

Political parties will only be recognized and approved if they are based on an ideology whose foundation is the wellbeing and progress of three: the world of VilionA, the state of VilionA and the citizens of VilionA. Political parties will be disqualified if based on the interest of certain group or minority - such as religion, nationality, profession, ethnicity etc.


Elections are held in VilionA every four years. Each citizen has the right to vote for 2 parties - one with a mainly political agenda, and one whose agenda is mainly social. This will express more correctly the will of the people. Each voter can vote for only one party of each agenda.

The appointment of supreme court judges will not under any circumstances be made by politicians who are in power, this also includes the opposition.


The judges of the Supreme Court will be elected by all the judges of VilionA - this is based on the assumption that the vast majority of them are honest, decent, and strive for the good of the country and its citizens.

In no way will anything that has to do with religion and/or semi-religion be allowed any influence or say - judicial, governmental, educational, economic, political or otherwise - in VilionA.


In VilionA Education and scientific research are paramount.


The resources and enthusiasm that humans waste in the old world on senseless, obstructive, religions, will be dedicated in VilionA to education, expertise, knowledge, science and research.


People love traditions, ceremonies and rituals. Favorite religious rituals will be transformed into traditions, ceremonies, rituals and celebrations of education, scientific achievements, social and economic achievements, and such. We will design and develop impressive, beautiful holidays and ceremonial rites, and appoint festive days to celebrate them.


Oath of Civil Servants of VilionA

Each and every Civil Servant, from the Head of the State to President, Prime Minister, Government Members, Parliament Members, Judges, Teachers, Policemen and Security Services Personnel, to the last of the Officials of VilionA's Regime and Civil Service has to take the following oath uponaccepting a writ of appointmenr and  assuming office.


I, _______________________________   ___________

full name                                                                                   ID No.

Hereby declare and affirm that I understand that

The State Of VilionA

is a Democratic Republic

and that it is to remain a Democratic Republic.

I hereby solemnly swear that I shall faithfully, wholeheartedly

and to the best of my ability, execute the office of



and that I shall dedicate my efforts

to the well-being of the people of VilionA,

promote their welfare,

protect them from abuse and harm,

uphold and defend: VilionA being a Democratic Republic,

the Constitution of the State of VilionA and its Basic Laws,

and that I shall perform my duties conscientiously, and do justice to all.


I hereby affirm that, and accept that, any attempt by me to Subvert, endanger, jeopardize, or otherwise undermine, the State of VilionA and its being a Democratic Republic, by act of conspiracy or by supporting conspirators will result in me being instantly removed from office and irrevocably being banished from VilionA and be punished with all the penalties prescribed by law.



Our ambition and intent is to found a country and a society without criminals, mentally disturbed inclined to crime and evil, wicked, sadists, crooks, haters of freedom, haters of democracy, haters of progress, haters of science, people who want to turn civilization back hundreds and thousands of years, and all the like, and these measures will make this possible.

The VilionA authorities have at their disposal the two measures that are apparently the most effective against crime, wrongdoing, and malice: The immediate cancellation of citizenship and complete expelling from VilionA, and expropriation funds confiscation and asset forfeiture of everything the offender received from the state. These measures don't suit you? You don't like it? excellent! Do not come! VilionA is not for you and the likes of you.

There is no place for evil in VilionA nor any tolerance. This means of course that we will be less than possible, but it also means that we will be an unprecedented wonderful society.


What is a dictatorship? Any country that does not have any means to be a democracy, or that these means are flawed, nor instruments to protect its democracy if it claims to be one - like effective constitutional limitations, or efficient and proven breaks and balances - that prevent the government from doing whatever it wants and fancies, and in which the government appoints the judges in general and to the Supreme Court in particular is a dictatorship. Any such regime is wretched, wicked, exploitative and extremely corrupt, and any person who agrees to be appointed judge by such a regime is presumably a corrupt person and a corrupt judge!

Alas, the worst weakness of a democracy is nestled in its own principals. Evil people or organizations might take advantage of the fact that the feeble minded, the immoral, the ill-intentioned, the ignorant, the criminals, the primitive, have the same vote as the normal, benevolent, knowledgeable and honest citizens, and by use of the weak of mind and the ill-intentioned, gain control of a country.


There were quiet a few "successful" overthrows of democracies, turning them into dictatorships, the most known is the horrific Nazi regime, but also less horrific but still wicked and criminal, like Russia, Cuba, Poland, Hungary, North-Korea, China, Venezuela, Syria, Turkey, etc. Using the very instruments of the democratic regime to overthrow it and turn the country into an anti-citizens dictatorship.


Peace and quiet for all

Unauthorized intrusion into others' private domain - physically, by noise, smells, or in any other disturbing way, is strictly prohibited. Every person in VilionA will be entitled to peace and quiet in their surroundings, and to not be disturbed by others. Violation of these will be severely punished. Those who cannot live without making noise and disturbing others, VilionA is not for them.

The pleasure of one must not come at the expense of the suffering of the other.


Democratic regimes stand on three pillars, and they sometimes prove to be easy to be overthrown by evil forces, by dangerous fanatics, or by psychos. We have all witnessed immoral, weird and even psychopathic decisions and behavior by rulers, by governments, by parliaments, by legislatures. and by judges. Such things will be blocked and annulled by The Head of VilionA. In VilionA whoever is in power will have to uphold the constitution and the basic laws, or be removed from power.


In Viliona the regime is based on four pillars, instead of three:

• head of state

• The legislative authority

• the executive authority

• the Judicial authority.


This structure is to ensure the separation of authorities of the VilionA regime. The main role of the Head of State is to ensure the supremacy and fulfillment of the contract between the state and its citizens and guard it from being harmed, altered, or breached. This will be complementary to what is accepted in democracies, with the aim of preventing any possibility that one of the three accepted branches will overpower one or both of the other branches. To ensure this, the head of state has indisputable veto power, as well as the power to order the execution of actions for each of the branches of government, to fire, depose, replace, immediately and irrevocably any person and/or body that exceeds his position.


This is in no way even a shred of dictatorship, and its purpose is to disable any attempt at the democratic character of VilionA! The Founder's - Head of State's - intentions in establishing VilionA are made crystal clear in this constitution, and such will be whoever holds this position.


Future Heads of state shall be elected by a majority of no less than 81 parliament members. Heads of state will take office only if pledging allegiance, declaring and solemnly swearing to the people of VilionA their unrelenting obligation to the democratic character of VilionA, and unconditionally commit to guard, preserve, and defend it.

One of the main characteristics of a democratic regime is judicial overseeing and judicial review of the other two authorities. Without this, the title 'democracy' is empty of content and false.


There is no room for a regime that opposes substantial limitations on the executive authority. Without a constitutional agreement on the balance between the freedom of the people's government to act as it sees fit, and the people's freedom from excessive government, there will be no open discourse before the elections, there will be no fair elections, and after them, the minority that lost will not be ready to accept their results.

Let it be clear once again:

This is the state of VilionA. These are its character, policy, and uniqueness.

We beleive that our system of government is just, efficient

and utterly democratic, without jeopardising it.

Whoever does not like it, should not come here.

Whoever comes, comes to VilionA as it is presented here,

and is not to try to coerce change!

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