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You're Witnessing History In The Making

Hello Vilionaire


We'd like you to meet

 Vilia and Vili


your personal loyal and devoted butlers


Vilia and Vili are friendly, obedient and happy to serve

personal Butler-Robots at your service.


For the time being they don't do much, but quiet soon they'll be able to do many things that you'll order them. For example: Any or both of them will welcome you home at your VilionA residence, whenever you come, joyfully hopping up and down, greeting you,

truly overjoyed to see you again.


You'll be asked what you'd like them to do for you. Serve you your favorite drink; Prepare a meal of your choice; Draw a bath for you; Fill up the jacuzzi; or Remove the cover of the swimming pool. They'll play for you the music you love, a Movie or TV series of your liking; Play with you chess, cards, or any other game you choose. They'll bring you your slippers, robe or pajamas ; Lay out for you your newspaper; Suggest new innovative ideas for the book you're writing; Inform you of your Tank account balance; Tell you the local news; And a host of many more possibilities.




























Hello Master. We are Vilia and Vili at your service.
We were created for you by Artificial Intelligence,
and are awaiting your commands.
But, you'll have to buy us first.
You can buy either one of us for 11,700 Vilions,
or both of us for 20,100 Vilions

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